Mista Savona Melbourne, Australia

Australian DJ, beat-maker, keyboardist, & riddim specialist.

Loves the Caribbean. Worships the bassline.

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Track Name: Carnival feat. Randy Valentine & Solis
LYRICS (English & Spanish)

Welcome to Havana town
Cuba and Jamaica link up people gather around
Mr DJ turn up the sound
Yo Solis tell me how it sound!


Quiero bailar, reir gozar
en la orilla del mar (x2)
Hacer un carnaval
La tristeza borrar
Volver a comenzar
Bajo las estrellas
Un nuevo dia

[translation: I want to dance , laugh & enjoy
on the seashore.
Make a carnival
Clear the sadness
Begin again
Under the stars
A brand new day]


Oh Lord! Eyes closed picture this:
Kingston meets Havana
Solis, Randy Valentine and Jake Savona
I take you pon a journey mixing music like the drink them call Cubana,
Mixing Cuban percussions and thoughts from Ghana
Free up yourself, do what you wanna
Roll it up, light it up, smoke your marijuana
When you there pon the corner
Nobody will bring no kind of drama
Today you need no ammo or no armour
I got to walk straight on this rocky road
Positive attitude whenever I'm on the move
Mi no want to tell you what to do
But them say if you show love then it comes back to you
So let the reggae music play on the beach tonight
Give me a signal if you feel the vibe
Give me a light, look alive
Reggae music in Havana everything is nice


Eyes closed I can feel the vibrations
Many think that I'm asleep
But when I speak let my lyrics take you to the highest peak
And when you reach, don't you dare take a seat
Just take the love that you receive and put it on repeat
And we can all gather at the sea
Like one big family, let's make some memories
And if I want to break away
I go to Santiago yes that is the sweetest place
Me and a Havana girl have a discussion
She's telling me she love percussions
And I say "what's your name?" she says "Sahida"
I say "Sahida link me for the fire I am the supplier"
And I'll be right there when you need me
If you can hear me my lady
Give me a light, come alive
Reggae music reach Havana everything is nice!